My Sister's Hot Friend

Slobs! JMac’s sister has left another mess in his kitchen, and he’s getting tired of it. He’s constantly cleaning up after her, and now he’s ready to kick her and her friend Sophia Leone out of his house! Sophia rolls in to grab some water before heading out to meet his sister, but when she hears the news, she’s jawdropped. It’s dropped so wide open that she’s ready for JMac’s big dick to fit inside it if he’ll just give them some more time to clean up their act! And even though it doesn’t quite fit all the way in there, it’s still a nice blowjob from his sister’s hot Latina friend! Pretty soon he’s bending her over the kitchen counter and fucking her doggystyle, bouncing off her fat ass like he’s always wanted to. Is that worth allowing his messy-ass sister to stay a few more months? You tell us!

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My Wife's Hot Friend

Never mix business with pleasure, unless you’re getting your dick sucked. Kyle’s a bit perturbed with what his wife’s friend Sophia Leone has done to their home. She’s trying to get her interior decorator business going, but it’s not going anywhere with Kyle, because she didn’t give him the modern feel he was going for, and he tells her he’s going to start from scratch. But Sophia can’t afford to lose the project and her credibility, so she tells Kyle she’ll do anything to keep the gig. That’s when we find out how huge Kyle’s dick is, and that his wife’s sexy Latina friend wants it in her mouth! And for an interior decorator, she gets pretty sloppy and messy when she sucks and fucks a big dick. But after fucking the smoking-hot interior decorator and decorating her interior, will Kyle keep the house as is?

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Sophia Cums In Waves

Sexy Latina Sophia Leone was hanging around the beach in her pretty pink bikini. She went for a little jog to show off her perky tits bouncing and then ran back towards her boyfriend Seth Gamble as we see her beautiful round booty shaking up and down. Sophia loves the beach as she loves showing off her amazing bikini body while getting dirty in the sand, by flashing her tits in the ocean! After some fun on the sand, Sophia was really wet, so Seth brought her back to his place where he poured oil all over this naughty slut and watched her twerk and suck his cock like the slut she is! Sophia loves the ocean, but she loves fucking even more, because this babe cums in waves!

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Slippery Swimsuits

Alexis Deen and Amber Gray had an oil wrestling contest that was refereed by the sexy Sophia Leone. The winner gets a slave for the semester. Alexis won and her first task for her slave was for Amber to lick her pussy. Amber licked that snatch nicely and Sophia got naked as she watched the hot action and poured oil on them the whole time. Alexis returned the favor and licked Amber’s twat, and then they had a scissor fest. It was a fun and slippery time!

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Home Alone Finally

Sierra Nicole realized she was finally home alone when she woke up in the morning. Her excitement soon turned to boredom once she had her fill of alone time, so she pulled out her smartphone and decided to check out her favorite porn site. She started touching herself and rubbing her clit when her roommate Sophia Leone came home early from college. She was so into pleasuring herself that she didn’t even notice Sophia waltz through the door and quietly tip toe over to the wall to spy on her. Sophia slowly made her way to Sierra and pulled her phone right out of her hand. There was no way she could deny what she was up to, and Sophia had a better idea than to berate her about her fondness for sexy girls. They both decided to pleasure each other and enjoy the rest of the day together!

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I Couldn't Resist My Trainer

Sophia Leone loves to keep in shape, and after pestering her parents for a personal trainer after the school year is done, her wish is granted. Johnny always pushes her to her limit in every session, and she loves the attention he gives her whenever they are together. His attraction to her is obvious, and she feels the same way. After one of their workouts, they finally give in to the temptations they have both been experiencing.

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Sexy Model gets BBC

Sexy Sophia Leone is one hot model who has been hired for a high end wedding photoshoot. She’s working with Jason, a gorgeous male talent who she’s attracted to immediately. When production breaks for the day, Jason takes her hand and leads her upstairs in the house they are shooting at. She knows it’s inappropriate but the crew have left and she just can’t resist his advances. Once they are in the bedroom, there are no barriers…

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Western Party

In this latest submission of DareDorm, we have a hoedown of epic proportions. This was a western themed lickapalooza featuring Anastasia Rose, Scarlett Sage, Sophie Sativa, Sophia Leone, Penny Hart, and a few friends, just baring it all and licking each other to their heart’s content. Titties and ass of all shapes, colors and sizes are all displayed here. It’s a beautiful thing!

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Video Game And Fuck

Sophia Leone is one of the hottest latina up and cummers. She has a perfect body and gloriously perky tits. Sophia was geeking out over some video game. She didn’t want to stop playing but her boyfriend had other intentions… He started putting on the moves to start a fuck session. She played the game for as long as she could, until she couldn’t resist the cock any more and decided to give it her full attention. Sophia took a massive pounding with a smile. Enjoy!

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